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The New Recruitment Environment
The growth of blogs, Wikis, sites like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Huddle and others point to the increasing use of the Web as an environment for users to communicate and collaborate with one another in the facilitation of work, play and self-expression. This has caused a profound shift of consumers from diffuse and passive to active community members whose immediate and worldwide communicative ability exerts powerful influence over the perception of brands.

This new reality means that a brand or company such as EY that gives real user value will not only be popular for the value it gives but also will promote its brand across the Web.

A company should recast its recruitment site as a career development community/tool/suite of tools and encourage users to improve their careers with the site regardless of whom they end up working for. With this, the company's brand, as well as its integrity will be maintained and strengthened in the eyes of both employees and potential employees, increasing both the attraction and retention of good people.

The site would be a login-based community dedicated to career development. Members could visit throughout their careers to use its tools and/or community advantages. They could make a new URL or set of URLs for different segments of users.

How the site(s) might be follows. NEXT