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Creativity and Business

To me, creativity is the soul of business. How can you survive without adapting constantly to changing conditions and doesn't that mean being constantly creative? New ideas, new approaches and new products though don't happen via a bolt from the blue; they happen often because they are meant to out of the business model your company has. In other words, success is in a company's DNA if it can only mine it.

Mining that DNA means stepping back and dispassionately looking at your business in terms of its strategy, its management and its marketing. It is assessing strengths and weaknesses and the forces of your market. It is looking at what your real capabilities are and what business you're really in, sometimes in spite of what you think.

An example:

  • The problem: An Ohio dairy developed a new bottling technology that made an important process in milk delivery a great deal cheaper. However they were not succeeding as they thought they should be with it.
  • The Solution: The dairy business was no longer where they belonged. They had become members of the technology supply business. They just didn't know it yet. They had to sell the dairy and focus on the technology, marketing it to a variety of different industries.

Another example:

  • The problem: Some partners and I had a business school project to develop and present a product design to a well known consumer products company.
  • The solution: We ended up selling the product to the company because we designed the product to target their DNA. They were great at making plastic, battery powered, gear-driven devices that could be sold at Wal-mart. So we designed a product to meet that need.