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Interview with James Griffith, CEO of The Timken Company.

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“Each generation faces its own crisis,” Griffith says. “Ours is education in engineering. For the past several decades, some of the brightest students have left engineering for IT, finance, and other fields. While the numbers are beginning to rebound, engineers still are in short supply in North America.”

Contrast this with the situation in China and India, where government, business, and academia have worked hand in hand to promote rapid growth in the number of highly trained engineers coming out of educational institutions that are now world class. “They have succeeded to the point where they are not only meeting the needs of their own explosive manufacturing sectors,” says Griffith, “they also are graduating enough qualified engineers to fill our gap.”

MAGNET is focused on bringing together key stakeholders in the region to combat this challenge and ensure that Northeast Ohio retains its most important competitive advantage: intelligent capital. It is this resident engineering expertise that enables the U.S. steel industry to produce more steel now than it did in 1980 with 83 percent fewer employees. As manufacturers improve processes, there will be an ongoing shrinkage of jobs. NEXT PAGE