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Interview with James Griffith, CEO of The Timken Company.

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Some companies already have made radical changes. Griffith cites Lincoln Electric in Cleveland as an example. Lincoln Electric calls itself The Welding Experts. The company was founded more than 100 years ago, and focuses on providing the most innovative, cost-effective, quality welding and cutting solutions. Lincoln is a leader in welding technology and
has worldwide manufacturing and distribution resources.

“Lincoln has both radical process and product improvement that have enabled it to win in an increasingly global marketplace,” Griffith says.

To sharpen their competitive edge, manufacturers such as Lincoln and Timken also are opening production facilities in other countries. Global production can be challenging, particularly for smaller manufacturers who may not have the resources or knowledge to expand outside the United States.

That’s another place where MAGNET comes in. MAGNET has partnered with the World Trade Center in Cleveland to provide companies an understanding of what is involved in working in Asia and elsewhere. “The trade center provides small companies with the resources and insights that large companies already have,” Griffith says. “Now small companies have the opportunity to pick the best companies to partner with or sell to.”

Companies that cannot change their manufacturing footprint must be able to innovate in other ways to survive. “Innovation is the fundamental challenge of all Northeast Ohio companies. Companies that have survived up to now have had innovation built into their DNA,” Griffith says. NEXT PAGE